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Forsythe Cancer Treatment Center - Reno

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Forsythe Cancer Treatment Center
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521 Hammill Lane

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Overview of Forsythe Cancer Treatment Center

From Forsythe Cancer Treatment Center's website:

Dr. Forsythe offers an all inclusive program to treat adult cancers of all types. He has developed an outstanding protocol, “The Forsythe Immune Protocol” (FIP) cancer treatment plan. This treatment plan in a current prospective study of over six and ½ years in1200 adult cancer patients has produced a remarkable 30x fold greater survival statistic which when compared to conventional full-dose chemotherapy, for 5 years in adult cancers of all varieties, produced, in published literature, a dismal 2.1% survival rate.

The “FIP” protocol involves a complete consultation with review of accompanying medical records along

Treatments provided at Forsythe Cancer Treatment Center

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