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Dr. Eric Muradov Naturopathic Doctor

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Dr. Eric Muradov Naturopathic Doctor
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14620 Stony Plain Rd

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Overview of Dr. Eric Muradov Naturopathic Doctor

From Dr. Eric Muradov Naturopathic Doctor's website: About Dr Muradov Naturopath Edmonton West at TruMed Clinic Dr. Muradov is a Naturopath in West Edmonton.

He typically uses herbs, vitamins, naturopathic supplements, IV Therapy and diet changes.

We often see hormone concerns, women's health, fatigue, thyroid and adrenal issues, digestive problems & Cancer.

Dr Muradov's clinic focuses on advanced testing: We run comprehensive hormonal, adrenal, thyroid, nutritional and food sensitivity testing.

Dr Muradov started practicing as a Naturopath in Edmonton in 2010. Over time he expanded his practice to focus on hormonal health, digestion and IV Therapy and Cancer.

In 2016 Dr Muradov opened TruMed Naturopath Clinic in West

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