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Rubio Cancer Center - Tijuana

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Calle Granados 420, La Mesa

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Overview of Rubio Cancer Center

From Rubio Cancer Center 's website: Rubio Cancer Center is a Southern California based, full-service integrative cancer and regenerative medicine hospital. For over thirty years we have treated patients who suffer from a wide variety of cancers, including leukemia, breast, prostate, throat, brain, and lung cancer.

Central to its mission of providing exceptional care, RCC offers unique but proven therapy programs not found in most hospitals. These therapies, practiced in conjunction with low doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, include detoxification therapy, nutritional therapy, Rife therapy, thalassotherapy, nebulizer and breathing therapy, and customized vaccinations.

With ten inpatients suites, a courtyard, and a

Treatments provided at Rubio Cancer Center

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