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From Immunity Therapy Center's website:

Our treatment program is designed to stimulate the patient’s immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells in combination with natural, non-invasive, effective therapies that will take advantage of cancer cells weaknesses. At Immunity Therapy Center, our patients are more than a chart. We believe their cancer treatment will be more successful when they are fully engaged with their treatment. They deserve that level of respect and compassion. We are not just treating their cancer, we are treating their well-being and peace of mind during this challenging time in their lives.

Our alternative cancer treatments and immunity therapies have shown to be very effective, even when conventional therapies fail; getting results with fewer side effects. Through Dr. Bautista’s years of experience working with cancer, autoimmune, infectious, and chronic degenerative diseases, he has developed therapy programs that maximize positive responses.

Your custom cancer treatment program will include a combination of more than 15 different alternative therapies. Throughout the treatment program, you will get one-on-one time with your doctor every day to ask questions and evaluate your treatment. Our natural therapies are designed not just to kill cancer cells, but restore the health of the rest of your body so it’s better able to fight cancer on its own. If your therapy is not going as well as expected, Dr. Bautista may make adjustments to your program. This attentive, individual care gives us a better chance of successfully treating cancer or other autoimmune or degenerative diseases.

Immunity Therapy Center is unique because we can combine more than 20 alternative cancer therapy options. Many other treatment centers do not have the experience or equipment to offer this kind of high-quality, individualized care.

Many times, even patients with advanced, stage-4 cancer, or those who have been told they have no other treatment options, find success with our alternative therapy programs.

Dr. Carlos Bautista Dr. Bautista opened Immunity Therapy Center in 2007 with the goal of providing the highest quality medical care, using alternative cancer therapies that are the most effective, more natural, less aggressive, and patient-focused.

“Big hospitals have big regulations, and sometimes you have to follow regulations that are not in the best interest of the patient.”

Early in his career, Dr. Bautista saw the enormous potential and effectiveness of alternative therapies and natural treatments. In his more than twenty five years of experience, he has helped over five thousand patients. Dr. Bautista has found that in many cases alternative cancer therapies have higher success and survival rates than conventional therapies.

Dr. Bautista has traveled to several countries to study and receive training, and has made it his life’s work to research alternative, holistic cancer therapy options and provide more effective, natural treatment programs to his patients.

Dr. Bautista plans to continue to expand the Immunity Therapy Center in order to reach and help more people who can benefit from alternative cancer treatments and natural, integrative therapies for other diseases. A compassionate professional, he is overjoyed every time he sees a patient’s hope restored and life reclaimed.

Dr. Bautista’s interest in medicine began at an early age; he always dreamed of being a doctor. While growing up in Tijuana, he often helped at his father’s pharmacy. Right away, he appreciated the interaction between his father and patients, and was drawn to the medical field. From childhood, he hated seeing a sick person without being able to help him or her.

This interest grew, and he enrolled in Baja California State University to study medicine. He holds a Medical Doctor Degree and Masters in Nutrition from the same university.

Dr. Bautista began his medical career in 1994, working in a hospital that offered alternative medicine and therapies. A turning point in his life occurred when his father was diagnosed with cancer.

As Dr. Bautista watched his father suffer the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, he was driven to further study alternative cancer treatments, both for his father and for other cancer patients. This dedication has not wavered. He continues his work in alternative medicine partly as a tribute to his father.

A married father of three, Dr. Bautista enjoys playing and watching soccer/football in his free time.

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